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12:30 PM - 4/24/2023 2:30 PM
Region 17 - Instructional Coaching Network
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Purposes: -To create a local network of teacher leaders, curriculum directors, and instructional coaches associated with our regional schools, so we may fellowship and learn from one another -To support and provide a concentrated focus of professional development -To sponsor conferences and meetings -To collaborate and learn from both local and well-known experts in the field of education -To disseminate knowledge helpful in the solution of problems related to supporting students as well as teachers in education -To recognize and honor outstanding educators, leaders, directors, and others for significant contributions to education Cost: $55/year. Membership Includes: Monthly meetings. November 28th, January 30th, February 27th, March 27th, April 24th and May 18th from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm -2022 ICIC Conference Watch Party - October 24th from 8:00 am - 2::00 pm (savings of $60) -2 book clubs / year (book not included) -Shared Network Drive for resources -Google Group email
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Substitute Training for Short Term Subs (Zoom Meeting)
This training is for anyone who has applied for a Short Term Substitute (STS) license and fulfills the training requirement. Individuals with a traditional substitute license that want to take the class may also do so, but are not required. NOTE: Some districts may require additional training. As a result of this class, attendees will have a general understanding of: -Curriculum -Classroom management techniques -School safety -School/district operations
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
What Do School Nurses Need to Know about IEPs, Section 504, and Services to Students with Disabilities? (Zoom Meeting)
Join Attorney Brandon K. Wright from Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. to hear about recent updates and trends in special education and Section 504 that are important for school nurses. Brandon will cover issues related to child find, medical reviews, nursing services, school health services, and billing. And, Brandon will make sure there is plenty of time for Q&A!
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pathways to Restorative Leadership Advanced Series Session 6
Sessions 6: Restorative Leadership-During this event, participants will learn how to utilize restorative practices framework as a leadership model.
8:00 AM - 2/3/2023 4:00 PM
AA #2000 Principal Evaluation Training for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators
This 2-day course (January 26th and February 3rd) will cover all aspects of principal evaluations, including professional practice and student growth data. AA #2000 requires pre-work to be completed prior to the first day the course meets. Participants must attend both days of the course and complete the required Application for Dissemination for each day to receive credit for AA #2000. This course will provide participants with the knowledge to 1) identify and disseminate minimum state requirements, performance standards and best practices; 2) facilitate a common language and dialogue around performance and its impact on school improvement, professional practice, and student outcomes; and 3) encourage collaboration, learning, and alignment among stakeholders. This is a high-quality, scalable, sustainable, and user-focused content and delivery model.
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Administrator Academy # 1865: Principal Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators
The Academy focuses on a high rate of interrater reliability using the required performance evaluation ratings. Using case studies, the participants will collect evidence and use the Illinois Standards for Principal Evaluation to rate the principals. Participants will use data collected from the case studies and compare the data to best practices for evaluating principals and assistant principals. This data will also be analyzed to prepare administrative and school-level professional development plans. Participants will prepare targeted professional development, in a collaborative and supportive way, plans that consider past results and contribute to professional and personal growth. This plan will be aligned to the school improvement plan. The instructional environment indicators will be analyzed. The purpose of the evaluation plan will be to communicate the outcomes and findings in such a manner that the principals and assistant principals set goals for improvement. The participants own personal bias will be analyzed while making these decisions.
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Administrator Academy #1801: Gathering Evidence During Observations and Conferencing Using The Danielson Model
This course will allow participants to learn effective skills and strategies for using Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks in a summative setting in order to more effectively: 1. Identify evidence at the component/element level during formal and informal observations; 2. Use evidence to effectively rate staff on the levels of performance for each domain; 3. Acquire strategies to support effective collaborative conferencing around formal and informal observations; and 4. Learn techniques, strategies, and protocols to use when conferencing with staff about professional development. Course participants will apply these new skills and strategies to a case study of professional practice as it relates to their work in the teacher appraisal system.
8:00 AM - 2/3/2022 4:00 PM
AA #3000 Teacher and Principal Evaluator Student Growth Retraining Academy
This is the one required student growth retraining course for principal and teacher evaluators who are renewing their designations required to evaluate staff. Evaluators will be required to participate in a pre-session webinar that will review Part 50 Administrative Rules as they relate to student growth. Participants will learn how to: 1. Use assessments and measurement models identified by the joint committee in determining the student growth attributable to individual teachers/principals and understand how different types of assessments are used for measuring growth; 2. Use data from the evaluation rubric, other evidence collected, and best practices relative to evaluating student growth to link teacher/principal and school-level professional development plans to evaluation results; 3. Create, in collaboration with teachers/principals, supportive, targeted professional development plans that consider past results, contribute to professional growth, and assist teachers/principals in aligning professional development and goal-setting to school improvement goals; and 4. Communicate evaluation outcomes and findings in constructive and supportive ways that enable teachers/principals to set goals and improve practice. NOTE: Participants will have one week following the Academy to complete their A/D Component and send their completed E-Template to the presenter for review and comment.
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Conflict & Harmony: Toward a Global Future- 2023 History and Social Sciences Symposium
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Li-Ching Ho, University of Wisconsin, Madison, co-author of Curriculum for Justice and Harmony: Deliberation, Knowledge, and Action in Social and Civic Education. Symposium Highlights: - Workshop on Teaching Asian American History from TEAACH (two hours) - Author Zoom presentation on the evening of February 9, 2023 from Daniel Moak, Connecticut College, author of From the New Deal to the War on Schools: Race, Inequality, and the Rise of the Punitive Education State
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pathways to Restorative Leadership Advanced Series Session 7
Session 7: Restorative Approaches to Adversity and Trauma-During this event, participants will learn how to respond to adversity and trauma through a restorative lens
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pathways to Restorative Leadership Advanced Series Session 8
Sessions 8: Building and Restoring Community-During this event, participants will learn how restorative practices can and will positively impact overall community wellness.