Upcoming Event
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
U.S. Secret Service Research, Analysis and Key Findings of Averted and Targeted School Violence
For over 20 years, the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) has conducted research on the thinking and behaviors of those who commit acts of targeted school violence in an effort to prevent future tragedies. Key findings from this research indicate that establishing multidisciplinary threat assessment teams and encouraging school communities to report concerning behaviors are critical steps in the prevention of targeted violence. This presentation will highlight past incidents as well as relevant findings and recommendations from NATC's latest research on targeted school violence and averted school attacks in the United States. It will also focus on how communities can use a multidisciplinary approach to identify, assess, and intervene with students exhibiting concerning or threatening behaviors as early as possible. This is not active shooter response training. Intended Audience -Education Administrators -Teachers -School Resource Officers -Law Enforcement -School Psychologists -Guidance Counselors -Fusion Center Analysts -Crisis Intervention Units -Mental Health Specialists -Social Workers -Anyone who may be involved in risk detection/management position
8:30 AM - 8/9/2022 4:30 PM
AA #2001- Illinois Performance Evaluation - Teacher Evaluation Training (Initial)
This two-day academy (August 8th and 9th) is designed for individuals who are seeking initial training qualification for teacher evaluation. This academy aligns to the competencies for Part 50, Section 50.420 (a-b). **Please be advised that this administrator academy has pre-work requirements associated with it. You will not receive the pre-work assignments until the week before your workshop. The pre-work assignments will take you several hours to complete and you will be advised to complete them in one sitting. The pre-work assignments will be due 2-3 days before your workshop. Therefore, you are advised to set aside time to dedicate to completing this work during the week prior to your academy. This the initial teacher evaluation academy.