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Penn GSE Virtual Institutes

Penn GSE Virtual Institutes bring Penn’s faculty and resources to teachers, educators and leaders across the globe. In these innovative professional learning modules, participants engage in real-time, online group sessions as well as reflect and learn at their own pace in asynchronous sessions. Institutes typically span three consecutive half days, allowing participants to accelerate their learning while continuing to fulfill their professional obligations.



Upcoming Event
- 6/24/2020
Collaboration & Conflict: Leading Yourself, Others, and Teams
Collaboration & Conflict: Leading Yourself, Others, and Teams supports leaders and teams with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets team members need to reach their potential. Built from the popular graduate course at the University of Pennsylvania, this Institute draws on practical theories and useful frameworks to help team leaders and members build their capacity to take on complex leadership work. Each participant will leave the Institute with a specific plan for developing and building their team's effectiveness.
- 7/1/2020
Global Education Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Designed for those looking to address critical problems in education, this program blends expertise, research, and practice from the University of Pennsylvania's Schools of Education, Business, Design, and Engineering. Resources and stories from industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs will also be shared and examined.
- 7/10/2020
New School Models Design Lab
The New School Models Design Lab connects inspired school leaders and school designers in a creative, thoughtful, and research-based design process to rethink what is possible for our schools, our communities, and our children. Participants in the New School Models Design Lab draw on cutting-edge research, theory, and practice to develop and refine a unique vision for a new or existing school. Participants will leave the Institute with a first draft of a New School Model Blueprint.
- 7/16/2020
Designing Virtual Learning Environments
Teaching and learning in K12 and Higher Education classrooms have undergone a tectonic shift; teachers, who previously taught in physical classrooms, are now being challenged to transform their practice in virtual environments. The Designing Virtual Learning Environments Virtual Institute, led by Dr. Betty Chandy, exposes teachers to the most recent trends in learning primarily through educational technologies. This Institute helps teachers understand the design variables to consider to ensure learning takes place in different learning environments, as well as the societal and technological influences on learning.
- 7/31/2020
Leading for School Improvement
School leaders must take an intentional, deliberate, systematic , and adaptive approach to school improvement. The Leading for School Improvement Virtual Institute, led by Dr. Katie Pak, connects school leaders in an intensive community of practice, and equips them with frameworks and practical theories for organizational change approaches grounded in improvement sciences. This Institute will help school leaders develop a deeper understanding of how to facilitate positive, sustainable, and equity-focused change within their schools.
- 8/12/2020
Flux Methodology: Qualitative Research During COVID-19
The Flux Methodology: Qualitative Research During COVID-19 Virtual Institute, led by Dr. Sharon Ravitch, engages novice, early career, and advanced researchers working in organizational and community contexts across the fields of education, psychology, and business—as well as in the humanities and social sciences more broadly—in exploring the possibilities and constraints in qualitative research caused by COVID-19. Through active group discussions and individualized assignments, participants will learn how to reconceptualize and revise their research designs, and to rethink specific methods choices related to their data collection and analysis processes.
- 8/19/2020
Teaching Document-Based History
The demands of the 21st century require students who can investigate intentionally, think critically, and argue persuasively. Unfortunately, many history classrooms focus far too much on rote memorization of decontextualized facts and dates. The Teaching Document-Based History Institute helps teachers bring history to life. Participants in the Institute are equipped with practical strategies and techniques for implementing Stanford History Education Group’s Reading Like a Historian curriculum, which engages students with authentic sources and compelling questions. Participants will leave the Institute with a plan for implementing the curriculum in their classroom.
- 8/21/2020
Teaching Math Responsively
Every child deserves an empowering mathematics education. The Teaching Math Responsively Virtual Institute, led by Dr. Caroline Ebby and Dr. Janine Remillard, equips teachers with the practical strategies and techniques to engage their students in high-cognitive demand activities and rich disciplinary practices. Drawing on usable research and best practices, this Institute prepares teachers to perform engaging math classroom routines that support the development of mathematical practices and habits of mind. Teachers will leave the Institute with a plan for implementing math routines in their classroom.