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Bridging the Gap (BTG) Professional Medical Interpreter Training


Bridging the Gap Training Overview - The Bridging the Gap (BTG) Training Program is a nationally recognized Health Care Interpreter Training Program developed by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program based in the State of Washington.  This intensive 40-hour Professional Medical Interpreter Training Program prepares participants for National Certification.


The goal of this course is to master the art of medical interpreting.  It hones the ability to listen, understand, and convey the verbal message accurately and completely.  Participants learn different modes of interpretation, how to manage the flow of communication and the dynamics of a three-way medical interview.


The course employs heavy participatory training techniques in an active learning environment including role-plays, group discussions, and practicing medical interpreting.  The training is a total of 40 hours.


Registration preference will be given to participants serving Greater Lowell community agencies.





The BTG Course requires participants to be fluent in English and in at least one other language.  Therefore, language screening is required. CHEC staff will contact you and coordinate a language proficiency screening over the telephone.  You will then be notified whether or not you have been accepted into the training course.




The total cost of the training is $800 per person.  This fee includes a NON-REFUNDABLE language assessment fee of $150 due at the time of registration.  The remaining balance of $650 is due no later than 1 week prior to the first day of class.






Participants must attend all days of the training program. The first and last training days are in-person at Lowell Community Health Center's Community Health Education Center (CHEC), 161 Jackson St, 6th Floor, Lowell MA. Please make arrangements now to ensure you are able to attend. 



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