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History UnErased-LGBTQ Training Series


Lowell CHC CHEC is offering an intensive training series for both Lowell CHC staff and community members. At this time, the internal sessions will be offered only to Lowell CHC staff. The virtual intensive series will be offered to community members, as well as, Lowell CHC staff.


History UnErased's use of the LGBTQ acronym represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer indicates additional inclusivity and our acknowledgement of the evolving understanding and vocabulary connected with nonbinary identities in our society. History UnErased also acknowledges that these terms are defined by a variety of research based institutions with endless variation. In our attempt to find common language to engage in the work of teaching and learning that is conceptual and applicable across the historical narrative, we have aligned to the American Psychological Association’s definitions of the following terms: gender, gender concept, gender expression, gender identity, queer, sexual orientation, and transgender.


Registration Fee: There is no registration fee for Lowell CHC staff. For community members, the fee for the intensive series is $200. This covers the cost for both sessions.


NOTE: This is an intensive series. Each class covers a great deal of material and each sessions builds on the class before it.




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Contact with any questions. 

Lowell CHEC is a Board Approved Training Center in the State of Massachusetts 





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