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NOW OFFERING: Rest in the Nest, Part 1 

Preparing for the early days of sleep is something parents often forget to do before baby’s arrival. In this class you will learn the basics of setting up a safe sleep environment, what gentle sleep practices are, what to expect from your new baby, and how you can help your baby (and yourself!) in the first 4 months.


March 2021: The Grandparent Class:

Lots has changed in the past 20-40 years around infant care. This class will get new grandparents up to date without overwhelming them with all of the details. In addition to infant safety, feeding, and milestones, this class will help new grandparents care for their own children as they become parents. Grandparents can watch before the baby arrives and watch again once they are here thanks to our online, on-demand format. A perfect way to help get grandparents involved in the “nesting” process!

March 2021: Infant Safety:

This on-demand class will not only cover the basics of CPR, it will also cover water safety, safety around your home, and vehicle safety. Included is a bonus section just for grandparents! The best part? You will be able to chat your questions to the instructor and revisit any section you choose in our on-demand format.

April 2021: Rest in the Nest, Part 2:

If you have an older infant and you are still not getting consistent, long stretches of night time sleep, this class is for you! You will learn the basics of gentle sleep practices, what you should expect from an infant ages 4 months and beyond, and real strategies you can use in your home.