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This is the place to start your voice over career!


Beginner Classes


Our Beginner series consists of four introductory classes which are offered monthly.


Start with our Intro to Voice Over to learn the landscape of the voice over industry, and read your first VO script.


In Commercial Confidence, you'll find out how commercials are the workhorse of the industry


Creating Characters makes character creation fun and approachable for everyone!


Then in Narration Simple you'll uncover your natural "storyteller" 


Beginner Bundle


Register for all four beginner classes and take Intro to Voice Over for free! Discount applied at checkout. 


What Comes Next? 


These preliminary classes prepare you for more in-depth study in the corresponding core track.
Commercial Confidence > Commercial Core
Narration Simple > Narration Core
Creating Characters > Character Core


You should also:

• Grow your Acting ability
• Take the first steps toward Building Your Business
• Begin Developing your Voice
• Come visit the studio and join us In the Booth to practice your new skills