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Core Curriculum


Commercial Core 

Breaking it Down: Deconstruct the common themes of commercial copywriting. 

Commercial Styles: Identify and perform the multiple styles of commercials.

Commercial Blueprint: Construct credible and confident reads.


Narration Core 

Narration Nuts & Bolts: Develop the fundamental skills of narration - tone, pace, and consistency. 

Narration Style: Identify and perform the multiple styles of narration.

Natural Narration: Make choices that merge the writer's intention with your authentic performance.


Character Core

Character Playbook: Create five unique characters and acquire the tools to create more. 

Character Styles: Distinguish and perform characters for animation, video games, and toys.

Building Character: Develop the layers of a believable personality. 


Core Electives

Acting for VO: Become a better voice actor by taking an action-based approach to copy. 

Building Your Business: Lay the initial framework of your future career.

Voice Development: Begin to understand and take care of your voice.


Core Bundles - Save up to $600!

All Core classes may be bundled in the following ways:

Commercial Core

Breaking It Down
Commercial Styles
Commercial Blueprint

$1,155 $120
Narration Core

Narration Nuts & Bolts
Narration Styles
Natural Narration

$1,155 $120
Character Core

Character Playbook
Character Styles
Building Character

$1,155 $120
Core Electives

Acting for VO
Voice Development
Building Your Business

$1,155 $120
Mix & Match Any 3 of the above $1,155 $120
Core Essentials

All 9 Commercial, Narration,
and Character Core classes

$3,425 $400
Complete Core All 12 Core classes! $4,500 $600