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Core Curriculum

Commercial Core 

In Breaking it Down, you'll deconstruct the common themes of commercial copywriting. 

Commercial Styles demonstrates how to identify and perform the multiple styles of commercials.

Finally in Spontaneity, you'll learn to think on your feet and show off your personality


Narration Core 

In Narration Nuts & Bolts, you'll develop the fundamental skills of narration - tone, pace, and consistency. 

Narration Styles demonstrates how to identify and perform the multiple styles of narration.

Then in Natural Narration, you'll make choices that merge the writer's intention with your authentic performance


Character Core

In Character Playbook, you'll create five unique characters and acquire the tools to create more. 

Character Styles demonstrates how to distinguish and perform characters for animation, video games, and toys.

Then in Characters in Action, you'll audition, develop, and perform a character in directed scenes.


Core Electives

Become a better voice actor by employing Acting for VO.

Lay the initial framework of your future career in Building your Business

Begin to understand and take care of your voice in Voice Development


Core Bundles - Save up to $600!

All Core classes may be bundled in the following ways:

Commercial Core

Breaking It Down
Commercial Styles

$1,155 $120
Narration Core

Narration Nuts & Bolts
Narration Styles
Natural Narration

$1,155 $120
Character Core

Character Playbook
Character Styles
Characters in Action

$1,155 $120
Core Electives

Acting for VO
Voice Development
Building Your Business

$1,155 $120
Mix & Match Any 3 of the above $1,155 $120
Core Essentials

All 9 Commercial, Narration,
and Character Core classes

$3,425 $400
Complete Core All 12 Core classes! $4,500 $600

Add Core classes to your cart in the combination(s) of your choice. Bundle pricing will apply automatically when three or more Core classes appear in your cart.