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Advanced Classes

Taught by talented industry professionals and will enhance and refine the abilities you've gained in your foundational training, classes held at this level teach advanced concepts under the assumption that you understand foundational techniques and have prior experience reading copy and receiving feedback in the relevant track.



Advanced Skills: Script Analysis, The Audition is the Job, Double Your Chances, Be the Boss, Commercial Challenges


Styles Development: Brand Imaging, Styles Deep Dive


Professional Direction: Casting Connection



Styles Development: Audio Tours, Doc Talk: Medical Narration, E-Learning, Telephony, Narration Styles Deep Dives



Animation: Find the Fun, In the Studio, Building Character, Styles Deep Dives


Video Games: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Characters, Casting Director for a Day, Building Character, Play of the Game, Turn It Up to Eleven, Video Game Finesse, Video Game Session, Styles Deep Dives


Toys, Dubbing, and More: Creature Sounds, Two Takes on Toys, Live-Action Dubbing, Singing in Character, Styles Deep Dives