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Double Your Chances: Master sure-fire solutions to performing two separate takes.

Script Analysis: Define choices based on content and meaning.

Styles Deep Dives: Tune up your commercial styles in these 2-hour deep dives. 



Anthem & Corporate Branding: Enhance a company's philosophy and prestige through credible narration.

Broadcast: Narrate dramatic works that provoke curiosity and uncover mysteries. 

E-Learning & Corporate Training: Gain the practical skills needed to train in the corporate environment. 

Storytelling: Entrance your listener by honoring the words and following the arc. 



Advanced Animation: Explore a range of characterizations and energy in both comedy and drama.

Advanced Video Games: Build authentic intensity and dig deeper into your characters.

Characters Off the Cuff: Create new characters, improvise sections of a script, and voice from instinct.

Two Takes on Toys: Identify the different genres of toys and their unique requirements.