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Professional classes put actors face to face with the highest echelon of the voice over industry, and expect students to perform with a high degree of competence and ability to take direction. These classes are a place to make a first impression and meet the people who hire and work with voice actors.

Performance Classes with Industry Professionals

Professional Invitationals are regular events featuring guests who work directly with voice actors in various corners of the VO industry

Get expert direction from leading commercial casting directors in Casting Connection (Advanced Commercial)

Check our Advanced Character classes for additional opportunities to meet video game casting directors and more! 

Agent Workshops

VO Bootcamp will test your mettle with two of the top Bay Area talent agents who know what's booking right now

Nailing the Audition lets you receive feedback on your reads from talent agents who hail from all over. New guests every semester!

Business Workshops & Webinars

Get an in-depth review and suggestions for improving your profile in LinkedIn Marketing for VO (you can also attend as a viewer)

Optimize your Voice123 profile to increase your rating and get more auditions with this highly personalized approach in Play-To-Win the Voice123 Game

NEW! Ready to expand your business? Find out what it takes to book International Work and Bridge the VO Gap