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Creating Characters: Character creation fun that's approachable for everyone!



Character Playbook: Create five unique characters and acquire the tools to create more. 

Character Styles: Distinguish and perform characters for animation, video games, and toys.

Building Character: Develop the layers of a believable personality. 



Advanced Animation: Explore a range of characterizations and energy in both comedy and drama.

Advanced Video Games: Build authentic intensity and dig deeper into your characters.

Two Takes on Toys: Identify the different genres of toys and their unique requirements. 

Characters in Action: Audition, develop, and perform a character in directed scenes. 

Characters Off the Cuff: Create new characters, improvise sections of a script, and voice from instinct.



Art of the Bookable Read: Explore self-direction and see the world through your characters' eyes. 

Anime Mania: Create believable characters while keeping up the high energy that anime demands.

The Character of YOU: Develop a version of yourself that is natural but exaggerated for games and cartoons. 

That's Not All Folks: Expand your repertoire of cartoon characters with thrice Emmy-nominated voice of Porky Pig!

Video Game Challenge: Join the freelance director behind nearly all of the Star Wars games.

Video Game Session: Experience a true-to-life video game session!

Welcome to the Sandbox — Intro to Mo-Cap:  Develop good habits and skills for performing on a motion capture stage.

The VO Battle Chest: Bring your truth to heroes and monsters alike with an acting-first approach.